In 1982, the New York Giants partnered with Career Consultants Inc., (CCI) and became the first team to collect and assess pertinent psychological, social, cognitive, and background information on draft eligible players for the NFL draft. Since no sports psychometric instrument existed, a decision was made to use information provided from a personality instrument, along with a customized psycho-social-cognitive inventory, a customized interview protocol, and criminal background checks to create a final report.

Over a decade ago Professional Sports Consultants (PSC) took over the sports consulting arm of CCI and expanded its services to professional sports teams in the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League. We also began to work with domestic elite high school athletes, teams from major universities, and international athletes.

In 2010, Professional Sports Consultants expanded services to include Organizational Development and Team Development with sports organizations. We consult with teams on how best to implement the information provided in from psycho-social instruments for assessment and development purposes. PSC also has the ability to help teams design and implement a whole player development program. These programs are mainly designed to assist a teams’ youth program. The objective is to assess young athletes on vital psycho-social dimensions and then provide them with the mental and psychological skills they will need in order to be successful on the top level team in the future.

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