Highlights of the Psychological Sociological Character Inventory

Assist sports organizations with player selection, by providing information about an athlete “on the field” characteristics as identified as key factors to an athletes success. Assist sports organizations with player selection and development by providing information on “in the locker room” characteristics identified to forecast an athletes success. Provide information on “off the field” development needs focusing on characteristics that are critical to the success of a professional athlete.


Early identification of personality, cognitive, and social factors that can influence the success of an elite athlete. These areas in substance use, domestic abuse, time management, anger management, stress management, family issues, and criminal issues. The PSCI will identify those athletes who do not fall outside those normal ranges.


Early identification of clinical issues. The PSCI helps provide professional sports teams personnel with a normal-range measurement of anxiety, adjustment, and behavioral problems. The PSCI will identify those athletes who do not fall outside those normal ranges.


Early identification of cognitive issues. The PSCI helps provide a sports organization personnel with a normal-range measurement of intelligence and learning styles, and mental flexibility for elite athletes. The PSCI will identify those athletes who do not fall outside those normal ranges. The Psychological Sociological Character Inventory (PSCI) is customizable to fit the issues pertaining specifically to each individual sport.


Key Features:


>> The PSCI is easy to administer in person or online, requiring only 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
>> Reports can be generated and used immediately after completion for interview purposes
>> Reports can be generated by any personnel approved by professional team with a secured password.
>> There is no limit to the number of times the PSCI can be administered, scored, and generated.


Because the relationship between the test items and the traits measured by the PSCI is not obvious, it is difficult for the player to deliberately tailor responses to achieve a desired outcome. The PSCI is designed exclusively to provide vital psychological, social, and cognitive traits information on the elite professional athlete.


Basic Interpretive Report:


>> An agreed upon numerical grade is given for each characteristic
>> An assessment and a narrative on the field characteristic is give
>> An assessment and a development narrative on in the locker room and off the field characteristics are given.


Quick Facts:

Administration Athletes 14 years of age and older
Completion Time 20–30 minutes (5 point Likert scale)
Formats Paper-and-pencil or online administration
Scoring Online scoring
Scales “on the field” dimensions assessment dimensions “in the locker room” development dimensions “off the field” development dimensions


Norm Groups:

The normative sample consisted of 21,700 elite athletes ages 14-33.

Characteristics that the (PSCI) can assess:


On the field
Game Intelligence
Handling Pressure
Impulse Control
In the locker room
Goal Orientation
Leadership Potential
Mental Flexibility
Team Orientation
Work Ethic
Off the field
Dealing with Change
Coping Skills
Judgment/Decision Making
Rules & Regulations
Social Orientation
Achievement drive (structure)
Achievement drive (independence)
DescriptionCodePrice (1-99/100-499/500+)
PSCI293234$ 66.95/$62.35/$ 59.70